Founding board





Nooshabeh (Hamideh) Amiri>,

Born:1952, Tehran

     France resident

Languages:Farsi, English, French


B.A in Journalism, College of Mass Communication, Tehran-M.S in Sociology, Tehran University, Tehran-Proficiency in English, Eckersley School of English, Oxford, UK -Diploma in French language from university of paris12-PhD Student in Leiden University


Member of the executive board in Rooz association (publisher of roozonline: -Executive Producer of a film titled The Letters of an Unknown Woman-Columnist for various Iranian newspapers (Jame’e, Toos, Neshat, Bonyan, and Asia)

Co-Founder and member of the Editorial desk of Gozaresh Film (Film Report), a magazine on cinema-Translator of children’s books and producer of audio tapes -Correspondent for Times daily in Tehran -Reporter, political correspondent, chief of political desk of Keyhan daily newspaper (I’m the first Iranian journalist who interviewed Ayatollah Khomeini in France and I went back to Iran in the same flight as Khomeini)

  • Voice Doubler, dubbing manager and translator for the Iranian
  • National Television and cinema industry


Languages:Farsi, English, French

  • President of International association of Iranian journalist –Meber of:Syndicate of Iranian Journalists-Association of Iranian journalists -The International Federation of Journalists

Association of Film Critics-Association of Screenplay Writers

Association of Film Doublers and Doubling Managers

Jury a number of international film festivals (documentaries, children’s, and short films)-of Film Selections Committee of Fajr International Film Festival



Dr Alireza Nourizadeh

Born, 24 June 1949, Tehran

Dr Alireza Nourizadeh has been active in the Iranian Journalistic milieu politics since 1967.

He is currently working as senior commentator for Voice of America (VOA) news network, A columnist for Kayhan an Iranian newspaper Published in London, A Director of the Centre for Iranian & Arab Studies, is also a Senior writer in Al-Sharqal awsat Arabic daily news paper.

Nourizadeh has a daily political & cultural program Channel one Persian TV network and Rohjalat Kurdish TV. He appears regularly in Arabic networks like Aljazirah, Alarabieh, LBC & Almustaqbal.

As Editor in chief of Al-Moujez, a monthly Newsletter, in Arabic which covers Iran political, cultural and Economic affairs, he becomes a huge source of trust in the Arab world.During the 1970′s, he was a Political Editor for one of the main Iranian daily newspapers, Etela’att, an Editor, Writer, and Presenter for Iran Radio & Television, also became editor in chief of Weekly magazine Omid Iran which was the most circulated political magazine after 1979 revolution.

Ayatollah Khomeini personally ordered Omid Iran to be closed and Nourizadeh to be arrested. He left Iran when his life was threatened by revolutionary authorities.

Nourizadeh Studied Political science, criminal laws, and International relations in Iran & UK, he obtained his PhD in political and social changes in Egypt after 1952 Revolution. He has published several books and studies, beside 9 poetry collections published in Iran and abroad. His fascinating novel (Ma bachehaye khob Amiriyeh)

About the revolution, and his investigation on crimes Committed by the Islamic regime of Iran, notably 4 books on the Serial Political Killings of intellectuals and decedents and the story of the Hezbollah and Hojatieh as well as his dairies before and post revolution are among best seller list of Persian books. Nourizadeh translated 8 poetry collections as well as 7 books from Arabic to Persian.

Ahmad Rafat

Ahmad Rafat was born in Teheran on May 31, 1951, his father Iranian and mother Italian. After his High School in Teheran, he moved to Italy to continue his studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Perugia, and later a master’s degree in Psychology of Comunication Media in Frankfurt. He began his professional career as a journalist in 1977 at the Quotidiano dei Lavoratori (QdL). IIn 1979 he left the QdL and for three years collaborated freelance with the major Italian, British, Spanish and Swiss newspapers. From 1982 to 2003 he worked for the Spanish weekly TIEMPO, being in charge of the regional bureau for Middle East and Balkan areas. Simultaneously he began collaboration with Farsi language programmes of Deutsche Welle, BBC World and Radio Farda, as well as the US based World News Link (WNL). In 2004 he began working with the Italian news agency AdnKronos International (AKI), becoming deputy director in 2008. Actually he works with Voice of America – Persian News Network, and for RAINEWS-24. He recently published in Italy two books about Iran: “The Lat Spring” and “Iran: The Revolution Online”. He made his debut as director with the documentary “Devoured Sons of the Khomeiny’s Revolution”. Mr. Rafat was awarded in 2008 with Premio Ilaria Alpi, and in 2009 with Premio GiuntellA.



Nikahang Kowsar

Best known for depicting one of Iran’s most powerful clerics and giving Ayataollah Mesbah Yazdi a nickname (Professor Crocodile), that also caused Kowsar’s imprisonment in Feb. 2000, Nikahang was one of Iran’s leading editorial cartoonists before migrating to Canada in 2003. Kowsar was sentenced to prison in absentia for his work as a cartoonist, and has received death threats and appeared on a number of black lists in Iran.

He is a member of the New York Times Syndicate, and has appeared on CNN, BBC, VOA, RT, CTV and CBC of Canada. Kowsar runs, a citizen journalism website that has more than 5300 members. He draws five cartoons a week for and almost the same for
A great number of North American and European publications including Washington Post, New York Times, Toronto Star, The Guardian have published his cartoons.

Kowsar has published 7 books and has won 4 National Journalism awards as well as a number of International awards such as the International Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning in 2001 from CRNI (Cartoonists Rights Network International) and the second prize for the Canadian National Press Club’s Editorial Cartoon Competition in 2001.


He holds a BA in Geology from the University of Tehran and is Journalism Graduate from the Sheridan Institute of Technology in Canada.


Kowsar is a member of the board of Cartoonists Rights Network International.

He has been assisting RSF and a few other organizations in supporting journalists who fled Iran after the June presidential election.


Asadi Houshang

Writer, jouenalist

Birth: 1950 –Tehran

Languages: Persian, English(fluent), French( daily notion)

The 2011 International Human Rights Award, For  The Book: LETTERS TO MY TORTURER


B.A in journalism (College of Mass Communication)- M.S in

Literature (Tehran University)

co- founder and head of ” SABZE “association-  member of editorial desk in Rooz , chif editor of art section- chief editor of Film Report, a cinematographic magazine (Gozareshe Film) -script writer of movie and TV serials – play writing for the children, translating children books -chief editor and founder of Aftab magazine – working in Keyhan newspaper as: film critic, reporter, sub editor, night editor, member of editorial desk


Member of:The Council of the Iranian Writers-Association of Iranian Journalists-Syndicate of Journalists -Association of Film Critics-Association of Screen plays Writers-Member of the juries and the selective committees in some film festivals, including Fajr International Film Festival

Books: Bread : 10 short story (Farsi- Tehran 1978)-The cat:  roman ( Farsi- Swede 2008)-Letters to my Torturer ( Enghlish- London 2010) :

Translations from enghlish to farsi:the family reunion  screen playby t.s. eliot :2008-The General in his labyrinth- roman by G.B. Marquez: 1991-The time of the hero- roman  by  Mario Vargas yosa: 1992



Kambiz Foroohar

Kambiz Foroohar ( born 1950)is a senior writer for Bloomberg Markets Magazine covering Europe, Africa and Middle East. Mr. Foroohar graduated from Kings College, London and has an MS in Journalism from Columbia University. He has been with Bloomberg News since 2002, covering commodities, energy, and politics from New York, London, Tehran, Budapest, and Beirut.

Mr. Foroohar’s awards include 2011 Global Energy of Word prize for his article “The Power of Green”, which examined the potential and challenges inherent in developing biofuel from algae.  Mr. Foroohar was awarded Foreign Press Association’s Financial Story of the Year for a 2004 story about corruption in Iran.

Mr. Foroohar started his career in London as a freelance journalist covering the Middle East before joining AP Dow Jones in New York. He then went on to Forbes, where his expose of journalistic fraud at New Republic was turned into the movie “Shattered Glass.”

Before joining Bloomberg, Mr. Foroohar was a senior editor at, in charge of covering technology companies.

Mr. Foroohar has a joint undergraduate degree in Electronics and Physics, a Master’s degree in political science and a second Master’s degree in Political Theory.

Roozbeh Mir Ebrahimi


Date of birth: 21.09.1978

Place of birth: Rasht – Iran

Marital status: Married

Citizenship: Iranian

USA Permeant Residence



- Chief in Editor for “Iran dar Jahan”/ Daily online publication and Monthly print magazine- Visiting Scholar at NYU (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute).

- Chief in Editor for “Iran dar Jahan”/ Daily online publication (

-  Freelance reporter and Radio Free Europe’s correspondent in NY-   Freelance reporter and Radio Free Europe’s correspondent in NY =Online chief editor in “Etemaad-e Melli” newspaper ( -Executive editor in “Iran-e Ma” (online daily news: -Editor in “Eghtesad-e Khanevadeh” (Family Economy in Persian) monthly

Books:   “ Nagofteh haye Enghelab-e 57”  (About untold aspects of the Iranian revolution) / banned in Iran and publishing it in Paris -  “ Nagofteh ha “ (Study About Iranian culture and society problem with another person) / published in Iran-  “ Eslahat zir-e Hasht” (About reformist period in Iran) / published in Los Angeles  – “ Azadi va Digar Hich” (About one Iranian intellectual- Ehsan-e Naraghi- and his books) / waiting for permeation from Iran government (almost from 5 years ago).


International Prize:


- Received Hellman/Hammett International prize from HRW in 2007



In 2006, He was one of Iranian Writers that Receive Hellman/Hammett International prize from HRW.